General Code of Conduct

Site Rules: 

  • No tolerance for dissent

  • No unsportsmanlike conduct

  • Be respectful towards all fans, volunteers, players and staff

  • Know your sport rules

  • No smoking court or field side

  • Any dogs must be on a leash

  • Drink responsibly – no drinking and driving

  • Contravention of the rules will result in a warning. 3 strikes, and you’re out!

Sport Rules: 

  • Arrive early for games and be prepared to play.

  • Schedule will be posted online and at the event in the playing area.

  • Teams must provide their own jerseys or have light and dark shirts of one color, so bring one of each. 

  • Know the Rules (Captains are responsible to provide their team with the rules, which can be found on our website)

  • Captain must fill in Score Sheet before the game with the Ref. (Team Name and Players) (Score Sheet will be provided by ref before the game)

  • Winning Attitude, Sportsmanship, Respect for Fellow Players, Score Keepers & Refs!

  • ISG T-shirts are available for sale! Get your t-shirt and remember the games!

  • Bathroom facilities will be accessible for all players.

  • Having fun is acceptable and may happen from time to time, don’t fight it, just enjoy it!

And remember to 

play safe and

have fun!!!